Action Creators #

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redux-form exports all of its internal action creators, allowing you complete control to dispatch any action you wish. However, it is recommended that you use the actions passed as props to your component for most of your needs, as they are already bound to dispatch, your form, and, in the case of field-specific actions such as CHANGE or BLUR, the specific field.

arrayInsert(form:String, field:String, index:Number, value:any) #

Inserts an item into a field array at the specified index

arrayMove(form:String, field:String, from:Number, to:Number) #

Moves an item from one index in the array to another. In effect, it performs a remove and an insert, so the item already at the to position will be bumped to a higher index, not overwritten.

arrayPop(form:String, field:String) #

Removes an item from the end of a field array

arrayPush(form:String, field:String, value:any) #

Appends an item to the end of a field array

arrayRemove(form:String, field:String, index:Number) #

Removes an item at the specified index from a field array

arrayRemoveAll(form:String, field:String) #

Removes all the items from the specified array.

arrayShift(form:String, field:String) #

Removes an item from the beginning of a field array

arraySplice(form:String, field:String, index:Number, removeNum:Number, value:any) #

ADVANCED USAGE - Inserts and/or removes items from a field array. Works similarly to Array.splice.

arraySwap(form:String, field:String, indexA:Number, indexB:Number) #

Swaps two items at the specified indexes in a field array

arrayUnshift(form:String, field:String, value:any) #

Inserts an item at the beginning of a field array

autofill(form:String, field:String, value:String) #

Saves the value to the field and sets its autofilled property to true.

blur(form:String, field:String, value:any) #

Saves the value to the field.

change(form:String, field:String, value:any) #

Saves the value to the field.

destroy(...forms:String) #

Destroys the forms, removing all of their state.

focus(form:String, field:String) #

Marks the given field as active and visited.

initialize(form:String, data:Object, [keepDirty:boolean], [options:{keepDirty:boolean, keepSubmitSucceeded:boolean}]) #

Sets the initial values in the form with which future data values will be compared to calculate dirty and pristine. The data parameter may contain deep nested array and object values that match the shape of your form fields.

If the keepDirty parameter is true, the values of currently dirty fields will be retained to avoid overwriting user edits. (keepDirty can appear as either the third argument, or a property of options as the 3rd or 4th argument, for the sake of backwards compatibility).

If the keepSubmitSucceeded parameter is true, it will not clear the submitSucceeded flag if it is set.

registerField(form:String, name:String, type:String) #

Registers a field with the form. The type parameter can be Field or FieldArray.

reset(form:String) #

Resets the values in the form back to the values past in with the most recent initialize action.

startAsyncValidation(form:String) #

Flips the asyncValidating flag true.

startSubmit(form:String) #

Flips the submitting flag true.

stopSubmit(form:String, errors:Object) #

Flips the submitting flag false and populates submitError for each field.

stopAsyncValidation(form:String, errors:Object) #

Flips the asyncValidating flag false and populates asyncError for each field.

submit(form:String) #

Triggers a submission of the specified form.

touch(form:String, ...fields:String) #

Marks all the fields passed in as touched.

unregisterField(form:String, name:String) #

Unregisters a field with the form.

untouch(form:String, ...fields:String) #

Resets the 'touched' flag for all the fields passed in.