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Form #

The Form component is a simple wrapper for the React <form> component that allows the surrounding redux-form-decorated component to trigger its onSubmit function.

It is only useful if you are:

  • performing your submission from inside your form component by passing onSubmit={this.props.handleSubmit(this.mySubmitFunction)} to your <form> component

If you are passing in your onSubmit function as a config parameter or prop, this component will do nothing for you.

Importing #

var Form = require('redux-form').Form // ES5

import { Form } from 'redux-form' // ES6

Props you can pass to Form #

Any that you can pass to <form>, but only one is required.

onSubmit : Function [required] #

The function to call when form submission is triggered.

Usage #

All you do is replace your <form> with <Form>.