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SubmissionError #

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A throwable error that is used to return submit validation errors from onSubmit. The purpose being to distinguish promise rejection because of validation errors from promise rejection because of AJAX I/O problems or other server errors. If it is rejected in the form of { field1: 'error', field2: 'error' } then the submission errors will be added to each field (to the error prop) just like async validation errors are. If there is an error that is not specific to any field, but applicable to the entire form, you may pass that as if it were the error for a field called _error, and it will be given as the error prop.

Importing #

var SubmissionError = require('redux-form').SubmissionError;  // ES5

import { SubmissionError } from 'redux-form';  // ES6

Usage #

<MyForm onSubmit={values =>
  ajax.send(values) // however you send data to your server...
    .catch(error => {
      // how you pass server-side validation errors back is up to you
      if(error.validationErrors) {
        throw new SubmissionError(error.validationErrors)
      } else {
        // what you do about other communication errors is up to you