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Will redux-form work with my custom input component? #

The minimum interface needed for a custom component to work with redux-form is to make sure that value and onChange are passed properly. These are pretty standard prop names, so it's possible that your component will work right out of the box.

But let's say that you have a custom component called MyStrangeInput that has currentValue and thingsChanged props that expect the value to be wrapped in an object under a val key. You would have to do something like:

const renderMyStrangeInput = field => (
    currentValue={{val: field.input.value}}
    thingsChanged={param => field.input.onChange(param.val)}/> 


render() {
  return (
      <Field name="myField" component={renderMyStrangeInput}/>

The point is that almost any input can be adjusted to use redux-form. If you are using an input component with a non-standard interface many times in your application, it is recommended that you wrap it in another component that will allow you to do the normal field destructuring: <AdaptedInput {...props}/>.